Limited Edition Independence Paperweight


The SNP Store presents: a superbly designed and beautifully crafted, limited edition paperweight. Each paperweight comes complete with a stylish Caithness Glass presentation box, a light up stand and a numbered certificate of authenticity.

The Limited Edition No. will be allocated on a strictly 'first come first served basis'.

Every design will be unique due to the glass making process.

Limited Edition offer limited to 250 units.


This beautifully crafted, limited edition paperweight was created by none other than the First Minister herself. It’s true! We should note, at this point, she was a very capable apprentice to Calum McDougall of Caithness Glass, a highly skilled glassmaker with 40 year’s experience.

This all took place when the First Minister visited the Caithness Glass visitors centre in Crieff and was invited by Calum to put her glass making skills to the test. What a result! Under Calum’s tutelage she produced a striking paperweight in two very familiar colours; you don’t need to be a genius to guess what they were. The chosen name of this stunning paperweight was agreed by Peter Murrell. His choice was, wait for it!... ‘Independence’. Once again no prizes for guessing that either!

After settling the First Minister into the ‘Hot seat’, Calum was delighted by how quickly she grasped the essentials. He took the first gather of 1500°C molten glass from the pot and handed the iron to Nicola who added her chosen colours. These powder colours are also pure glass and they quickly melt and merge when heated. Calum then showed Nicola how to roll and twist the colours on the metal Marver (A glass making tool) to give the mix a spiralling effect. With admiral dexterity the First Minister shaped the glass until she was entirely happy with the finished product. After polishing, Nicola’s name was engraved on the base of the paperweight with the No. 1, marking it as the first of the 250...

...249 to go!


Each paperweight comes in a presentation box and includes a light up base plinth in order to display the paperweight at its best.

Dimensions: 80mm x 80mm

Base: Requires 2 x AAA Batteries (not supplied).